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Cool Tools To Use In Your Classroom (that AREN'T blocked on campus

Imagechef (http://www.imagechef.com/)
  • this provides fun ways to present information visually; you can present your lessons to the students using this site, OR you can assign the students creative projects that culminate in a visual presentation of their research, etc.
Opper Project (http://hti.osu.edu/opper/)
  • this is a history site that uses editorial cartoons as teaching aids
PBWorks (http://pbworks.com/content/edu-classroom-teachers)
  • this is a free online workspace/wiki for teachers to use with their students
Poll Daddy (http://polldaddy.com/)
  • free (up to 100 responses per month) online poll where you can send your kids home with a question, problem, etc., and have them login and submit their responses to you as homework
Prezi (http://prezi.com/)
  • this is an online presentation tool that takes the mundane and makes it into something the kids are more likely to pay attention to
  • create a group of websites that students are limited to in accomplishing a given project (this allows you to guide students in their searches while still allowing them the experience of searching)
Wordle (http://www.wordle.net/)
  • this takes words and turns them into cool pictures, for example, you could have a student submit their paper to Wordle, create a picture, and the topics they mention the most will be the bigger words in the picture; they could then evaluate if they were staying on topic and mentioning pertinent items, all the while making a cool picture